Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Moores' "Most Significan Signing"

In what can only be described as “huge,” The Padres signed Sandy Alderson to be their new CEO.

Some quotes from the above linked article by Barry M. Bloom:

“The future of Bochy and Towers in the organization will be up to Alderson, Moores said, although he doesn't expect any immediate changes.”

“I think this is our most significant signing in the 11 years I've owned the team," said John Moores.

Keep in mind; Alderson helped Billy Beane become what he is as a GM. As a player, Beane was a huge disappointment, a “can’t miss prospect” who missed.

I’m causiously optimistic that the Padres will take a decidedly more statistically-oriented approach to how the team is managed (by “managed” I don’t mean on the field, but more in roster construction, etc.).

I’ll have more later.