Monday, March 28, 2005

Red Over Redding Trade

According to, the Padres acquired Tim Redding, formally of the Houston Astros, for minor league catcher Humberto Quitero.

A couple years ago a team had its opening day 5-man rotation start every game that season for that particular club. I don’t remember which team it was, but it was a significant event. It was significant, because pitchers get hurt. Like their battery-mates, and more any other position player, catchers are also frequently injured.

On March 16th I argued that it would be best in May won the starting job and if we could keep Stauffer in the minors. I argued that May should pitch the whole year ONLY if he healthy AND effective. AND I argued that Stauffer should be brought up to the big league club as the 2nd replacement behind Justin Germano.

The fact is, the Padres have some pitching depth in the minors and in reality Quitero was their catching depth (and probably one of the better 3rd catchers on anyone’s 40 man roster).

So last night Kevin Towers went out and eliminated our catching depth to get a journeyman pitcher to keep the 5th starter chair warm for Tim Stauffer until he’s ready in late May. Meanwhile, we’ll with all 40 spots on the 40-man roster full, the Padres will need to put someone on waivers the minute we have a catcher go down…

One last thing, the Padres’ best long-term catching prospect in the minors is George Kottaras. Trading Quintero probably ensures that the Padres will re-sign Ramon Hernandez to man the position until Kottaras is ready.

Once again, I think Towers overspent.